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The tone of the skin changes as the aging progresses. Many other degenerative factors affect skin texture smoothness, elasticity, or stability. There are many supportive treatments used nowadays to rejuvenate the skin the damage it suffers or signs of aging topical creams are used to revitalize the skin some facials are introduced that have drastic effects on skin tone but one of the outstanding safety or effective methods where been newly introduced is known as Laser Carbon Peel Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it is the most advanced technology also known as china doll facial it is a kind of anti-aging facial which has a long-lasting effect in addressing sunburn open pores oil skin wrinkle formation fine linings acne scars blackheads or hyperpigmentation it is a painless procedure but encounter many issues at a single time.


This non-invasive treatment involves laser technology which involves removing or peeling dead skin layers and replacing them with a new or fresh layer of skin these peeling effects are achieved with the help of carbon as a tool and the regenerating effects are complete with the help of laser because laser beam when goes deep inside initiate the collagen production which starts making new cells which is then replaced by the new one and this way the treatment helps address open pore wrinkles lining scars acne spots oil skin loss volume or dry or dull skin.


The results of this procedure are amazing or effective because it is beneficial in encountering multiple issues at a single time with full safety and durability 3 to 4 sessions are required to have long-lasting effects.

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Ideal Candidates:

It is a non-invasive treatment that addresses multiple skin issues that are not tackled by other lines of treatment with the best candidates included.

  • People with good health status are the good candidate 
  • Those having mild to moderate damage are prescribed to take 4 to 5 sessions of this laser carbon peel treatment
  • Those having positive expectations from this procedure
  • Old-carrying people with visible signs of aging are good candidates
  • Open-pore or oily-carrying individuals are the best candidates

Pre Procedure:

It is a non-invasive method that acts superficially in removing the old skin layer to give a more youthful appearance so early preparations include;

  • Consult your doctor regarding which treatments suit you most according to your symptoms
  • Take a healthy diet or use plenty of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Do not come with makeup 
  • Stop taking medications for any other purpose
  •  Check out the history of skin allergies before going for carbon peel treatment
  • Avoid using all topical applications containing retinol or glycolic acid
  • Do not smoke 
  • Use sunscreen regularly 2 weeks before the procedure


  • In the start, carbon lotions are applied to the skin ten a laser beam of a specific wavelength brings it closer to the area to treat 
  • Controlled thermal damage is done  to start the healing process
  • This triggers collagen production which starts skin rejuvenation by targeting wrinkles fine lines Dark spots acne scars or sun damage it contracts the enlarged pores or destroys the acne layer
  • Then carbon lotion is removed with the help of a laser first, the breaking of carbon is done and then it is absorbed breaking of carbon  results in removing the dead layer
  • The skin undergoes great exfoliation during this stage and becomes impressive 4 times greater than any other peel method and appears more young, radiant, and youthful.


Aftercare included;

  • Avoid sun exposure or heated rooms
  • Use an ice pack in case of bruising
  • Do not touch or rub your hand on the face
  • Do not use makeup creams lotions
  • Do not apply cleanser or massage
  • Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • Do not smoke or use alcoholic beverages item
  • Try to make your area clean to prevent infection 
  • Use no alcoholic face wash when needed


It is no invasive method of rejuvenating the skin it applies to both men and women it is very helpful in providing benefits like;

  • It helps to give a smooth full appearance and radiant glow
  • It increases confidence in physical appearance
  • It restores skin elasticity and freshness and gives a youthful appearance
  • It fights against wrinkles linings, dark spots, acne scars sun damage dry skin, or stretch marks
  • It exfoliates the dead skin layer and replaces it with a new one
  • It enhances collagen production
  • It regulates open pores and removes blackhead


Fewer risks included;

  • Swelling 
  • Rashes
  • Bruising


The cost of the procedure varies depending on the extent or severity of symptoms, the location of hospital time needed to get the desired results the choice of the method used, and the expertise of the practitioner.

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