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This is a medicine particularly used to treat severe pain in the neck muscles or also the over-contraction found in the eyes eyebrows and eyelid, these issues arise due to nervous disorder and also due to the disturbance of nerve signaling There are several treatments introduced up till now but they didn’t respond well to encounter the issue permanently. recent research made practitioners look forward to aiding in minimizing the nerve signaling issue by giving a special type of treatment known as Xeomin Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.


It is an alternative treatment to botox it is given to patients in injection form to regulate many problems it is used to address several facial issues muscular issues or neuronal issues like

  • It is used to treat muscular pain in lower arms and pain in finger joints
  • It is also used to treat under eye linings wrinkle formation jaw linings
  • Use to treat severe back pain and neck pain and sometimes it is given in headaches as well
  • Multiple eyes concerning issues are being tackled through the help of this drug like involuntary blinking, lines between brows, or envy lid nonstop contraction.


It takes around 4 hours to 6 hours to get the complete result but successful signs of getting a profoundly better result begin to appear 4 days after the treatment.

Ideal Candidates:

One must know the suitability of the procedure against his health status once you are confirmed that you can be a good candidate then you can attempt the treatment confidently. ideal candidates are those 

  • Who has tried all the rout of treatment to address the complaints related to neck issues eye problems etc
  • Who have crow’s feet for head wrinkles eye wrinkles and lining issues over the face


Every procedure needs to be checked out whether it facilitates the patient or not because if you are suffering from any other serious health issue you must tell your doctor about that before attempting the procedure. It may include

  • If you are suffering from any skin issue
  • If you have any breathing issues or respiratory dysfunctioning
  • Number of seizures you have done previously
  • If you ever had any optical or facial surgery ever
  • Any heart-related disease or hypertension issue


It is given through injection it works best when given IM Intramuscularly it is through the help of a needle injected into the glands present beneath the skin amount and dosage of the xeomin injection depends upon the type of skin, the area treated and the condition of the patient how much a patient needs to be treated with the injection, it takes around 30 minutes to work properly.

After Care:

A trained medical practitioner must give it because the lack of experience or carelessness leads to severe side effects. Aftercare includes;

  • Do not wash your face after the injection
  • Do not cycle till 24 hour 
  • Do not rub your face
  • Avoid doing exercise that will affect the area treated
  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Do not move forward right and left 


It offers multiple benefits like

  • It maximally removes wrinkles
  • It is safe
  • It is long-lasting and effective
  • It removes crow feet eyebrows and laughter linings.
  • It makes the jawlines slim


Risks are minimal 

  1. Mild bruising 
  2. Xeomin resistance may develop sometime
  3. swelling


Cost is not defined it varies from SAR 145 to SAR 1,500 also It depends upon the amount of drug used in the area being treated the knowledge and experience of the surgeon and the location of the clinic you choose 

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