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Our bodies have a unique structure and beauty of its own. Although a face and a beautiful smile can win several hearts. But we can not ignore the fact that a woman’s hands or feet have equal importance in aesthetic appearance. Similarly, women from all around the world, take pride in dressing up. There are ways to look modern and classy. When wearing a formal skirt or skinny jeans, your thighs can either upgrade your overall look or downgrade your entire personality. If you happen to be struggling with chubby legs, you can get rid of the fat and enjoy an effortless Thigh Lift in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia today. 


The best part about this treatment is the fact it is not gender restricted. Anyone eligible to undergo the procedure can opt for the treatment. It is a surgical method that involves Liposuction. The surgery aims to eliminate the fat cells, which is performed with the help of a cannula-like tube that is powered by a vacuum-like device. It transports the fat out of the body and allows us to reshape the structure using special techniques that promote a lifting and tightening effect on your legs.


Although the outcomes vary from person to person. However, the final reveal is the youthful-looking skin and shape of the thighs. Patients will experience significant improvements along with smoother and tighter skin with well-contoured and reduced appearance of stretch marks. 

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Ideal Candidate:

Due to medical conditions, not everyone is permitted to undergo this procedure. Therefore, you are required to opt for a consultation session. A specialist in charge will examine your concerns according to your weight and poor symmetrical appearance. After careful analysis of your medical background and current health-related formalities, a Surgeon will register you for the surgery.

Pre Procedure:

It is very important to mentally and physically prepare yourself for surgery. Below are a few safety guidelines to prevent any problem;

  • Pause your smoking and alcohol intake a day or two before the operation day.
  • Do not opt for additional treatment such as Lasers for hair removal beforehand.
  • You can shave or wax your legs a day before the surgery.
  • Take a warm bath or shower before heading out to the hospital.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes to the clinic. This will allow you to wear them back on after the surgery.


These operative measures are taken place inside an operation room. Below is a brief information about the plan of action;

  • The first step is to put you to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. This will block your pain memory of the surgery.
  • The next step is to make an incision on the thigh. We will attach a tube within to allow the extraction of the fatty cells. 
  • It will take two hours; more or less to perform the same procedure on both legs. The surgery involves drawing the fat out and reshaping the thighs.
  • In the end, the device is detached from the body, and the wounds are stitched closed. 
  • Some antibiotic medications along with wound dressing are performed to prevent infection and bacterial attack.
  • After which, you are finally transported to a recovery room, where you are taken under observation to monitor your overall well-being.


After getting discharged, you are provided a few homecare guidelines along with oral and topical medication to recover smoothly. Below is what you ought to practice for your safety;

  • Do not put any pressure on your legs. You are recommended to move around using a wheelchair for the time being.
  • Even when taking a shower, patients are advised to not rub or exfoliate their lower abdomen area.
  • Similarly, you must lift or carry any heavy object. Even carrying a newborn or infant can put pressure on the stitches.
  • Be sure to consume a healthy diet and take your medication on time. 
  • Your wounds should be re-dressed daily to prevent any infection.
  • Steer clear of smoking and alcohol as these two have the power to slow down your recovery process.
  • Wear soft and comfortable baggy trousers or shorts. You can gradually start to walk after your doctor’s instructions and stitches removal.


We gathered several advantages that will shape an appealing appearance to your aesthetics after a successful recovery;

  • Provides a balanced symmetry to your legs.
  • Tightens the skin and eliminates cellulite.
  • All the fat dimples on your legs are gone for good.
  • Prevents friction between the legs and improves skin’s texture.
  • Furthermore, whether your thighs are covered or bare-skinned, the overall look of your legs is going to look appealing.
  • Finally, the results are permanent and the elasticity is going to last for a longer period. 
  • You can easily walk and run after a full recovery. Whether you wish to take part in fitness or other physical activities, all will be possible and attainable now.
  • Lastly, the new changes will boost your confidence and allow you to look your very best, whether you are in formal attire or enjoying a day at the beach.


This is a safe fat-reduction surgery without any serious side effects. However, below are a few mild complications you may encounter if you do not follow your aftercare guidelines;

  • Bacterial infection,
  • Clotting or wound bleeding,
  • Swelling or bruising may take place on the operated site. If you feel pain or soreness, you are advised to reach out for medical assistance as soon as possible.


The final estimation is going to fluctuate according to a patient’s aesthetic or medical requirements. However, to highlight the average cost of a Thigh Lift In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia, the value is priced at SAR 25,000 to SAR 50,000. 

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We are providing our best services with the help of our board-certified team of well-experienced professionals. We are equipped with up-to-date state-of-the-art devices and surgical tools to perform all our non-invasive and invasive treatments. Our top priority is to safeguard your safety and support your medical and aesthetic requirements.  

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