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Many people love to have Tattooed on their bodies however they may want to remove them at some point in their lives due to a change of mind or some other medical or non-medical condition. Common techniques employed to permanently remove tattoos from the skin include laser surgery, surgical removal, or dermabrasion. As we know that the ink used to make tattoos is injected underneath the surface of the skin, and it’s very complicated and expensive to get them removed. In this regard, the laser-based technique offers a rather safer and more durable method to permanently remove tattoos. Q-switched lasers which are designed to release energy/light in a quick guided and targeted manner are the best among the available methods of tattoo removal. Multicolored tattoos may need a combination of a variety of wavelengths in multiple sessions to be completely removed.

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Aim of the Treatment:

the primary objective of the treatment is to permanently remove tattoos. For that to happen, it’s key to target the ink beneath the top layer of the skin. Laser-based technique uniquely targets the tattoo ink through a pulse of energy and breaks it down to its parts which are then removed.


Laser-based removal of tattoos is carried out in multiple sessions. each session takes place after the 4 or 5 weeks of the previous session. The number of sessions required to remove the tattoos depends upon the nature, size, depth, color, and shape of the tattoos. it also depends on when the tattoo was applied in the first place. Fresh tattoos are more difficult to be treated than older ones because older ones are likely to have lost some shape and tone over the period.

Best laser-tattoo-removal Clinic in Saudi Arabia & Riyadh laser-tattoo-removal in Saudi Arabia Best laser-tattoo-removal in Saudi Arabia

laser-tattoo-removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best laser-tattoo-removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia laser-tattoo-removal Clinic in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Ideal Candidates:

Any person who has an old or new tattoo that they would like to get rid of is eligible for the treatment. They should be physically and mentally healthy to undergo the procedure. The eligibility is determined by the dermatologist after a detailed examination and discussion with the candidate during the initial consultation.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia works by targeting the ink with a high-energy laser beam. This causes heating of the skin which in return breaks the particles of ink. These broken particles are removed from the body naturally.


In the first consultation, the dermatologist examines the tattoo to be removed and checks the individual’s eligibility to get the treatment. The medical history is reviewed and some tests may also be carried out to ensure the patient does not suffer from any condition that could affect the therapy or its results.

To prepare the person for the laser treatment, some instructions are provided that include:

  • Avoiding any skincare or makeup product on the skin to be treated
  • Reduce alcohol consumption and smoking
  • The area should not be waxed or threaded
  • The skin must be well hydrated before the treatment


The procedure is very simple and only requires several minutes to carry out depending on the size of the tattoo and also on how long the person has had the tattoo.

The skin is first disinfected using a sterilizing solution and then a numbing ointment is applied so that the procedure can be as comfortable as possible. Once the skin is numb, the dermatologist takes a handheld gadget that emits a high-energy laser beam onto the skin with the tattoo. The intensity of the laser light is adjusted according to the person’s skin and the depth of the tattoo.

Once the session is completed, a soothing ointment and cold compress are provided to be applied to soothe the treated region.


Certain guidelines are to be followed strictly by the recipient to avoid any chances of complications. These include:

  • Covering the treated area with a bandage for as long as the dermatologist advises
  • No chemical-containing products should be applied to the treated skin
  • The skin should be protected from harmful rays of the sun and unnecessary sun exposure should be minimized
  • A sunscreen with a high sun protection factor recommended by the dermatologist should be used at all times
  • After removing the bandage, the skin is to be kept clean and dry
  • Keep the skin hydrated and moisturized to pace up the healing

Side Effects:

The recipient may feel minimal side effects like swelling, itching, and discomfort in the treated area. There is also a possibility of infection in the region treated if not taken care of properly after the procedure.

The tattoo is to be removed by an experienced dermatologist otherwise there are chances of discoloration, scar formation, or other complications after the therapy.

Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal:

The average cost of Laser Tattoo Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 1,999 to SAR 4,999. The actual price of the treatment depends on several factors like the size of the tattoo to be removed and the sessions required to completely remove it. The dermatologist determines the actual cost of the treatment after a detailed consultation.

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