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There are various methods involved in removing fat from the body physical activity aerobics or maintaining a diet plan when all these struggles do not work then an effective, fast-acting more precise phenomenon has been introduced by doctors which helps In eliminating large quantities of fat from the body by using a tracking system that tracking system helps us to know the movement or amount of fat in the body it’s location and states are best described through this advance system that is known as GPS laser liposuction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it is very much different from the traditional method of eliminating fat because it gives more precise or accurate safe or effective result with less recovery time or minimum down time this is the advance technology uses both GPS strength to locate the fat location and laser device to eliminate without causing big incision.


There are multiple treatment plans to address extra deposited fat in the body but the most advanced one has been introduced recently using both GPS and laser technology combined. our body has fat pockets that are stubborn enough to stick permanently inside these are in the thighs, stomach hips, and buttocks, and by assisting laser they can be easily removed. the heat released through the laser helps in melting fat and also stimulates collagen production which makes the skin more tightened and smooth and GPS induces the element of accuracy in locating the fat pockets.


The results of GPS Laser Liposuction in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia are more accurate precise and effective it gives maximum results in a short period results are effective permanent and durable. It ensures optimal safety and efficiency.

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Ideal Candidates:

This is a minimally invasive procedure so all those individuals are good candidates who are;

  • Having a good healthy status
  • All those men or women having extra pockets of stubborn deposited fats
  • People who are having threat of developing fat-associated issues
  • People who want minimal invasive procedures to get rid of extra fat
  • People who are obese
  • Nonsmokers 
  • People who are not suffering from diabetes hypertension coronary disease etc
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are not a good candidate
  • People who have positive expectations from this procedure

Pre Procedure:

It is not a major surgical procedure but still, it needs to follow some lines of pre-operative instructions like;

  • Get all the medical tests done to check the history of any disease before the procedure
  • Stop using other medications before surgery 
  • Avoid alcoholic items or smoking 2 weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinner medicines 
  • Take off from work routine before procedure
  • Take a healthy diet or food rich in nutrients or vitamin 


The procedure is not very invasive or hard it has simple steps to follow;

  • Local anesthesia is given to initiate the process
  • A tube or device known as a cannula is inserted into the body through a small incision 
  • GPS systems help to locate the fat that is targeted
  • The laser beam is then introduced slowly to the deposited fat
  • The heat of the beam will result in the melting of the fat 
  • With the help of a suction device melted fat is eliminated outside
  • Laser will act on soft tissues and start the production of collagen to make new cells 
  • This helps in skin tightening and restores stability 


Once the fat is removed it is necessary to take extreme care including;

  • Take bedrest full day 
  • Use medicines in case of pain or discomfort
  • Practice moderate exercise
  • Take a healthy fat-free diet
  • Use plenty of water to keep you hydrated 
  • Use compression garments to make the procedure successful 


This is a non-invasive procedure that involves contouring the body by removing localized fat it offers the following benefits;

  • It removes stubborn fat and makes you look young attractive and youthful
  • It is good for those people who are searching for the minimum invasive procedure
  • It is painless
  • It is long-lasting and gives drastic results.
  • It is safe or effective
  • With the help of GPS only localized fat can be eliminated
  • It gives a contoured look and makes you slim or smart
  • It has less recovery time and minimum side effects


Very few side effects are observed;

  • Swelling 
  • Bleeding on the treated side
  • Infection


The cost of the procedure varies depending on the extent of fat eradication, the time required to complete the procedure, tools and technology used, and also expertise of the surgeons involved.

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