we believe that transparency and effective communication is key to the clinic’s relationship with its clients. As you are aware that we prioritize clients’ needs and adjust our policies accordingly however it’s important that we lay out a list of protections and obligations that this relationship (between the client and customers) is bound to observe. Following are some key details of our patient’s policy that you are requested to read through before you choose us as the care provider.

Consent Form:

We require our patients to read and sign a consent form that includes the details of the procedure and risks and complications that may occur. It’s important that the patient personally reads through this so that he/she is aware of the risks involved and potential implications of the procedure.

Rights and Responsibilities:

The two parties- patient and clinic staff/administrators have certain rights and responsibilities that they need to fulfill during, before, and after the course of treatment. In this regard, we have a list of patients’ rights and the clinic’s responsibilities duly mentioned in the consent form. It’s mandatory for both parties to follow those rules and any violation could result in legal actions.

Disclosure of Medical Records:

We store all the medical records of our patients including the patient medical history, pre-post treatment results, test results, and other related items. This information can be disclosed if asked by the patient or his/her representative or any other court of law.

Diagnosis of Medical Condition:

Blood tests and a thorough physical examination are performed by the doctor or surgeon to ensure that the patient is qualified for the particular treatment. To get insight into the patient’s health and identify any conditions that can complicate or impact the course of treatment, the medical history is also examined.

Medical Records:

These include all of the patient’s medical information. the results of the tests, the patient’s medical history, the patient’s medical records, the drugs they are taking, and their progress. Both the candidate and the doctor can benefit from these. These are kept private and are not disclosed to outside parties.

Medical Photographs:

Patients’ images are/personal items and need to be kept accordingly. It’s strictly prohibited for the clinical staff to take any pictures during or after the surgery and if there is something really important it’d be kept alongside the patient’s medical record and won’t be released without the patient’s consent/approval.

Rights and Responsibilities:

We make sure that our client’s rights are all fulfilled by us. When the individual comes to the clinic for treatment, before they undergo any kind of treatment or procedure, they are provided with the consent form that contains all the details of their rights and privileges. After a complete diagnosis, according to the requirements and condition of the patient, they are provided with a list of possible treatment options. This is the responsibility of the clinic to provide all the details of the treatment to the patient. The choice of treatment and method used by the doctor depends on the doctor’s preference and the patient’s choice and their expected results.


A person must be older than 18 to be legally capable of making decisions. Therefore, a patient must be at least 18 years old to receive treatments from the clinic. If not, they must obtain their parent’s or guardians’ consent before the procedure.


The clinic can be reached right away in case of an emergency. Patients are attended to immediately whether they contact the office or come in person. The clinic’s physicians and surgeons are constantly prepared to provide the greatest care.

Right of Privacy:

The clinic makes sure that our client’s details and privacy is protected. We do not disclose or share the info with any other party.

Patient Dignity:

All patients and clients are treated respectfully, and our staff takes care to ensure that the patients are at ease. The patients’ and their families’ lives are not restricted in any unnecessary way. For postoperative care, certain instructions are provided that must be followed to get the intended results and prevent complications.