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The calf is the most prominent area of the leg it can be reduced or enhanced this phenomenon is a cosmetic procedure through which one can easily modify his calf, reduce large calves to normal size or abrupt calves to average tone calves. this procedure can be made successful by using a liposuction technique in which non-invasive fats are drawn outside the body to reduce or minimize the oversized bulky calves. People with bulky and muscular calves feel difficulty walking and performing different life routines. a person’s calf size plays a major role in his overall appearance and outlook, it also has some psychological impact as well so reducing the individual calf size to normal and making him mentally comfortable regarding his overall outlook is an advanced and unique method of Calf Reduction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia has been introduced by the cosmetologists to address calve size variation and the issues related to it 


Calf reduction can be carried out by different methods depending upon the kind of problem and condition of the patient. There are multiple treatment methods

  • Nonsurgical treatment involves Botox injection and liposuction
  • The surgical procedure involves  muscle resection, nerve ablation

Reasons Of Calf Reduction:

There are too many factors that are involved in calf enlargement including

  • Over pressurized muscles
  • Deposition of fatty tissues
  • Liquid retention in the muscles
  • Deep vein thrombosis


Results of calf reduction procedures are immediate and fast depending upon the choice of treatment. If nonsurgical treatment is adopted then the injection takes one month to show the result and within 6 months the complete result will be achieved in the case of the surgical option results can be seen very quickly right after the surgery.

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Ideal Candidate:

Ideal candidates for calf reduction include:

  • People with good health conditions
  • People with leg edema like those having the issue of water or liquid retention in the tissues
  • People have deposited or excess fat inside their muscles
  • Not good for breastfeeding mother
  • Not good for a pregnant woman
  • Allergic people are not suitable for this

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure of this surgery involves the following concerns:

  • The patient must discontinue taking other medications
  • He must fix several appointments to take his lab assessment or test done
  • He must choose an expert who has good knowledge and experience in this procedure
  • He must confirm his good health and whether his health allows him to go for the procedure


Procedure depends upon the type of method used there are two categories of procedures:

1. Non Surgical Method:

It is further carried out by:

  •  Botox calf reduction involves the induction of botulinum injection which works by shrinking the calf muscle by minimizing the link between nerve and muscle and giving a slimmer look to the person
  • Muscle ablation involves the use of radio frequency through the burning procedure to damage the nerves that signal the muscle resulting in slim calves and a smart appearance

2. Surgical Method: 

It is conducted by:

  • Liposuction, another method involves the eradication of excess fat out of the body through a tube called cannula which works by liquifying or melting the adipose tissues.
  • Muscle resection involves the cutting and separation of particular muscles in the lower area of the legs ultimately giving the quickest and faster result it is the most aggressive line of treatment when there is no other treatment found workable

After Care:

Aftercare includes:

  • Avoid taking exercise
  • Do not run fast
  • Avoid putting pressure while bending
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Elastic stockings are recommended after the surgery


It is a very advanced procedure for both males and females it offers a variety of benefits or advantages including

  • It provides good self-esteem, especially at the time choosing clothes
  • Very minimum energy is required to cover a large distance
  • It gives confidence and courage 
  • It provides comfort during walking and running 
  • It provides symmetry and balance to the body
  • It makes the overall appearance good and balanced about the rest of the body


Calf reduction is a muscle removal procedure that has fewer side effects including

  • Scaring
  • Swelling 
  • Blood clotting


The cost varies differently ranging from 30000AED-70000AED it also depends upon the kind of method used for the reduction expertise of the surgeon and the choice of the location.

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