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With time, and conditions women faced a lot of different challenges, in their physical life as well as in their physical appearance. Those changes are sometimes good and sometimes bad which left behind a strong impact for the long term. One of its examples is the flaky and loose skin of the vagina due to aging and sex. It’s the basic right of every woman to look good and young forever for which they opt for cosmetic procedures one of the best procedures for vaginal tightening is Monsplasty in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. If you are looking forward to having this procedure done then this article is for you!


There are some facts that are needed to be understood by all those who look forward to having a tight, elastic, soft, and rejuvenated vaginal area:

  • Whatever may cause the vagina to get shaggy, it does not get backs to its original condition without any cosmetic procedure.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation can be done with both surgical and nonsurgical procedures.
  • Surgical procedures have no impact on urination however it needs more care than nonsurgical one.
  • Monsplasty is a surgical procedure.
  • It only rejuvenates the appearance of the vagina.
  • This procedure has no impact on the intimate experience rather than enhancing the vaginal appearance.

Aim of the Procedure:

This procedure aims to target the following aspects:

  • Enhance the vaginal appearance
  • Remove saggy or fuller skin
  • Enhance the appearance of the mons pubis
  • Help you feel look better in tight dresses as well as in swimming suits
  • Let aging not affect your beauty
  • Enhance confidence

Ideal Candidate:

Basically, women are an ideal candidate for this procedure but not all women can have which is why it is really important to know if you can have this procedure or not. The following are the aspects of an ideal candidate:

  • extra tissue around the mons pubis
  • The patient must have good general health. 
  • Patients should aim to be at optimal body weight.
  • One should comprehend the objectives clearly.
  • Want to enhance their intimate appearance

Have This Treatment With Us!

Monsplasty is a captivating cosmetic journey where the quest for perfection meets the art of sculpting. This transformative procedure, also known as Pubic Lift Surgery, embraces the challenge of reshaping the mons pubis area – that gentle mound of flesh above the pubic bone. By expertly removing excess skin and fat, Monsplasty unveils a harmonious balance and empowers individuals to rediscover their confidence with every step. Embrace the allure of refinement and embark on a path to reveal your truest self with us at Enfield Royal Clinic in Saudi Arabia!

Pre Procedure:

  • Setting up a consultation is the first action to do.
  • a comprehensive medical examination to determine your current state of health can be done.
  • The gynecologist will give advice on eating and drinking, and eliminating specific drugs or supplements that might interfere with the treatment or healing process
  • the surgeon will clarify what the procedure can and cannot do.
  • The surgeon may request specific tests based on your age and medical history.


  • The procedure begins with the administration of general anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the surgery. 
  • An incision is skillfully made in the pubic region 
  • The targeted fatty tissue is meticulously removed
  • The muscles from the upper and lower abdomen are delicately pulled together and sutured internally.
  • To achieve a smooth contour, any excess sagging skin is carefully excised, and the remaining skin is skillfully sutured. 
  • Following the surgery, the treated area is gently bandaged, and you will be advised to wear compression garments. 
  • These garments help prevent fluid accumulation and swelling, promoting a more effective and comfortable healing process. 


  • Following the mentoplasty procedure, it is natural to experience some fatigue and soreness for a few days. However, rest assured that you will have the ability to move around post-operatively. 
  • It’s typical to experience swelling and discomfort immediately after surgery, but your doctor will prescribe appropriate medication to manage most of the discomfort.
  • The recovery period may vary depending on the level of activity required in your daily life. 
  • Generally, patients can anticipate returning to work within one to two weeks after the mentoplasty procedure. 
  • Medications are advised to take for faster recovery and for avoiding any specific allergy.


  • Safe, effective, and frequently practiced, pubic area surgery has emerged as a remarkable way to revitalize the pubic mound. 
  • This transformative procedure addresses concerns such as sagging skin and uplifts the Pubic Mons, ensuring restored symmetry, shape, and balance. 
  • Beyond aesthetics, the surgery can even contribute to the restoration of normal urinary function, enhancing both comfort and confidence.
  • One of the remarkable aspects of pubic area surgery is its versatility, as it is suitable for individuals of all ages and stages of life. 
  • The procedure eliminates embarrassment and goes beyond aesthetics, fostering a renewed sense of self-esteem.

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