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The study involved in taking care of hair and face by using different biological products is called is the most fastly growing field among the list of other fields cosmetologist is the person involved in utilizing different products for the betterment of skin and hair issues so he must be qualified enough to perform his duty with full responsibility because of a lack of knowledge to the product used and inadequate experience will result in different skin deformities and different issues related to them, in the past only chemical products were used to enhance beauty but today the advancement in technology will make mandatory the use of chemical product along with the equipments combined to target the issue in less recovery time so role of Cosmetologist in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia in this regard is very much important to point out.

Qualification Required:

To be a good performer in hair styling or improving facial stability cosmetologist must have some qualifications and educational background because all the cosmetic items and their instructions to use  are written in English so a cosmetologist must understand the language used to describe the product specifications must have full knowledge with product identity qualification required for practicing cosmetologists includes

  • High school certificate
  • Good working skills 
  • Diploma certificate in cosmetology from a recognized institute
  • Cosmetology license 
  • He must have Communication skills 

Responsibilities of Cosmetologist:

When it comes to face and hair the responsibility of cosmetologists are very important because experience and expertise make the cosmetologist decide complicated issues that are not tackled easily by a person other than a cosmetologist so the well-known responsibilities include

  • He must know the product and its use 
  • He must have the experience to evaluate the skin type of an individual before applying any treatment
  • How to do facials and which facial is suitable for which skin
  • Allergy issues and how to tackle them
  • Ability to discuss available treatments or ability to suggest care products and their information against the issue
  • Tanning skin issues and their handling 
  • Capable of communicating with people and counseling them regarding the product used
  • He has the convincing power to make people agree about applying different products and guide them on how or when to use them.


It is a proper field and it is also a career-oriented profession. People are adopting it nowadays to make it their profession in the upcoming life according to the current beauty goals cosmetology is further classified into different careers according to specific areas like

  • Body Therapist:

they have experience in waxing face threading body fax arm and leg waxing full body cleansing full body waxing and massage pedicures and manicures

  • Skin Specialist:

they have experience in skin facials, facial cleansing facial toning facial whitening, etc

  • Nail Specialist:

They are experts in nail trimming, nail art nail cleaning, and nail polishing

  • Makeup Expert:

they have experience in applying makeup up bridal outlook or party makeup etc

  • Hair Expert:

hair experts are skilled people who regulate and maintain hair treatments like rebounding protein or lipid treatment hair polish cutting or applying hair shampoo or hair mask

  • Salon Manager:

It has the responsibilities to select the staff, involve in interviewing people selecting honest work their salary management maintain salon hygiene, and regulate customer schedule or timing

Difference Between Cosmetologist And Dermatologist:

A dermatologist is a doctor who takes care of skin hair and nails using medicines and surgery he is responsible for diagnosing different skin issues or diseases like eczema, bacterial infection fungal infection itching, etc he is involved in skin rehabilitation by diagnosis and then treating the infected one with the medicated care products to relieve the person state of discomfort or pain.

Cosmetologist on the other hand is responsible for taking care of skin, hair, or nails without diagnosing any pathology-related issues; he uses biomedical products for aesthetic purposes to beautify or enhance the beauty of the skin, hair, or nails using different treatments. he provides beauty base treatment he is not a certified person to treat an individual using medicine or surgery

Scope Of Cosmetology:

Cosmetology has a wide and broad scope nowadays because it is an emerging field people are practicing different tools and tricks and getting full expertise in this field to make it their final business. Every locality has multiple saloons and spas for both men and women the awareness of looking different beautiful and young has become the weakness so in aim of growing faster in this field, people are getting diplomas and attending different seminars and workshops to polish their skills to become a well known cosmetologist. the average pay of a cosmetologist per day is around 10 to 20000 this field has a lot of wealth and fame and the credit goes to the media who are spreading the awareness of becoming an expert cosmetologist

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