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Women are more delicate than men in all matters whether it is physical strength or medical concerns. They need more care and attention in order to maintain themselves. Age and childbirth affect them differently by changing the unique structure and condition of their intimate organs such as the vaginal canal and vagina. Which shed their confidence in their partner. To make them feel confident gynecology has played a vital role with the help of noninvasive vaginal enhancement treatment also known as Femilift in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. Get Your exclusive treatment with us at great discounts.

What is Femilift?

Laser technology is used in Femilift, a cutting-edge non-surgical therapy, to improve vaginal health. In this procedure, laser radiation is carefully emitted into the vaginal tissue to promote collagen formation and tissue remodeling. Femilift orchestrates tissue renewal, improving vaginal tightness, elasticity, and general health. It is indicated for treating issues brought on by childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, and medical reasons.

Targetted Conditions:

  • Women may have vaginal laxity after delivery or as they become older. Femilift increases collagen, which tightens uterine tissue.
  • Vaginal dryness can be a side effect of menopause. Femilift improves lubrication, blood flow, and the condition of vaginal tissue.
  • Unintentional leaking of urine? Femilift strengthens the muscles that support the bladder in the vagina.
  • Femilift revitalizes the form and function of the vaginal region, improving aesthetics and enjoyment.

Ideal Candidate:

A person who wants to improve their vaginal health without surgery is the ideal Femilift candidate. They may have vaginal laxity, dryness, or pain brought on by childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, or other medical disorders. Without serious medical issues that might affect the procedure’s success, good general health is crucial. A strong candidate will also adhere to the prescribed course of therapy and keep open lines of contact with their healthcare practitioner in addition to having realistic expectations regarding the results.

Pre Procedure:

  • Make an appointment with a licensed healthcare professional.
  • Be prepared to give a thorough medical history. Your healthcare provider may do a pelvic exam and prescribe more testing as needed. They may also advise that you give up smoking for a specified amount of time.
  • Avoid Taking Blood Thinners
  • make sure your genital area is clean.
  • make sure you are adequately hydrated because this can promote the best possible tissue recovery.
  • Have an open discussion about your expectations with your healthcare practitioner


  • To lessen pain during the surgery, a local anesthetic or numbing lotion is frequently used in the vaginal region. Some patients endure the surgery just well without this step, so it’s not always essential.
  • The Femilift method involves the use of a specialized laser instrument. Through a narrow probe or wand introduced into the vaginal canal, the laser releases regulated energy in the form of heat. The vaginal walls are the intended target of laser radiation, which encourages tissue tightness and collagen synthesis.
  • Depending on the issues being addressed, the laser is softly swept over various regions of the vaginal canal. Both the vaginal canal and the tissue around the vaginal entrance might be targeted during the operation.

After Care:

After the procedure is done you may usually get back to your regular routine right away. Mild discomfort, such as what you may feel during a pelvic exam, could exist. For a few days after the surgery, your doctor may advise not using tampons, engaging in vigorous physical activity, or sexual activity to enable the treated tissues to recover.

Aftercare is also something which is needed to be done by following a few sessions of this procedure after due time in order to maintain the results as well as to make the results last permanently. 


  • Tightens vaginal walls and tissue for women after childbirth or aging.
  • Increases blood flow and collagen, improving natural lubrication and reducing dryness.
  • It helps mild stress urinary incontinence, reducing accidental leakage.
  • Enhances sexual satisfaction for both partners.
  • Rejuvenates vaginal health, enhancing comfort, elasticity, and appearance.
  • Non-surgical with no incisions, leading to a quick recovery.
  • Mild discomfort is often managed with numbing measures.
  • Swift procedure (15-30 minutes) without general anesthesia.
  • Minimal downtime, normal activities resume soon after, with temporary restrictions.


This procedure is a minimally invasive treatment that cost a lot less than surgical ones. But depending upon the condition and needs of the client the cost varies. It also depends upon the type, standard, results, and procedural requisites of the facility from where you want to have this treatment done. According to an estimate the cost of Femilift Treatment ranges from Dirhan to Dirham.

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