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Hey, do you know a super-quick trick to a great-looking face? It’s like a small magic trick that helps you look younger while maintaining your true personality. The Silhouette Facelift in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is focused on enhancing your facial features. Consider the wrinkles on your face as memoirs of all the awesome things you’ve accomplished. However, occasionally these sentences give off a worn vibe. The treatment fills that need; it’s like a mini-adjustment that gives you a youthful, energized appearance.

The real surprise is that it’s not just about appearing younger. It’s about having a somewhat boost in your appearance while still looking like you. If you’re curious about the treatment, read on to learn all about it. 

Main Aim:

By lifting sagging skin and promoting collagen formation, the procedure aims to give patients a young appearance. Its main goal is to improve facial features and give particular areas more volume. The goal is to combine age-defying improvements with natural individuality, resulting in a balanced and revitalized appearance.


Your face will look lifted and more rejuvenated once the treatment is complete, giving the impression that you have traveled back in time a little. These fast effects last for six to twelve months. However, the truth is that your skin gets better over time. Your skin’s natural bounce-maker, collagen, continues to do its job. In the end, you’ll see a younger, cooler version of yourself in the mirror after a few weeks.


  • This procedure only slightly lifts your face while preserving all of your amazing characteristics.
  • You can expect an appearance that lasts a long time by encouraging your skin to produce more collagen.
  • Results won’t take too long to come in. Your face receives an immediate freshening and vivifying touch-up following the procedure.
  • You won’t need to undergo much invasive therapy, so you can quickly resume your normal activities.
  • You are free to decide whatever areas you want to focus on. You name it, the procedure might improve your jawline or your cheeks.

Right Contenders:

  • This procedure may be ideal for you if your skin is slightly sagging but not excessively so.
  • This procedure is for you if you desire a small boost that still looks completely natural.
  • You should see fantastic outcomes from this therapy if your skin can still recover fairly well.
  • It’s advantageous if you’re hoping for a minor improvement rather than a radical change. 
  • This treatment should be effective if you are in generally excellent health and don’t have any serious medical conditions.
  • Although people of all ages can benefit, if you’re between the ages of 30 and 60, this therapy might be exactly what you need to update your appearance.

Consultation and Pre-Procedural Care:

During the initial appointment for a Silhouette Facelift in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia a thorough evaluation takes place. The patient’s facial structure, skin condition, and cosmetic aspirations are all assessed by the skin specialist. The patient has the chance to learn more about the operation during this session by asking any questions they may have. To achieve the greatest outcomes, the specialist may also give preliminary recommendations, such as avoiding blood-thinning drugs, staying hydrated, and quitting smoking. Patients may also be instructed to stop using specific skin care products and should be aware of their medical history so that it can be discussed during this visit.

Silhouette Facelift Procedure At the Clinic:

  1. To make sure there are no contaminants present, the treatment area is thoroughly cleaned. To make sure you’re comfortable throughout the treatment, local anesthesia or numbing cream is given.
  2. The regions where the sutures will be put are marked by the skin specialist. To achieve exact results, follow these indications while positioning the threads.
  3. The absorbable threads are delicately placed beneath the skin using a small needle or cannula. 
  4. The threads are carefully manipulated by the skin specialist to raise and reposition the tissues beneath the drooping skin.
  5. To provide the necessary lifting effect, the threads are gently tightened after they have been positioned. The threads are properly adjusted by the skin specialist to produce results that are balanced and natural.
  6. Trimming off any extra thread makes sure that the threads are buried beneath the skin and are not visible on the outside.
  7. A final evaluation follows the treatment to guarantee symmetry and positive outcomes. Usually, the incision points are tiny and well-concealed.

Post Procedural Care:

After the procedure, there can be a little discomfort or swelling, but don’t worry, these side effects go away quickly. You may normally return to your normal activities in only a few days, and over the following few weeks, you’ll start to notice the full results. Here are some suggestions the skin expert could provide you to make sure everything goes well:

  • Too much of sun exposure, hot tubs, and saunas can interfere with your recuperation.
  • You can use something cool to help reduce swelling if you see any.
  • To keep your face comfortable and promote healing, try to sleep on your back.
  • Keep your expressions natural and effortless when doing energetic tasks.

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