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Every girl wants to get a perfectly shaped butt. Sometimes this is not possible for every girl to get attractive and beautiful butts without having any invasive methods. If you want to enhance your butt, want to improve the volume, eliminate cellulite, or want to give them a lift. You can get your aims without a Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL). In contrast to this BBL, the Butt Fillers Treatment in Riyadh,Jeddah & Saudi Arabia provides you with a method that is quite convenient and protective.

Get More Info About Butt Fillers:

The most cutting-edge butt filer is composed of non-animal substances and is quite protective. This is a transparent, thick gel that can be utilized to raise and give perfect shape to the surface of the body. This ground-breaking technique creates a uniform, soft gel that is readily injected and stays in the tissue for a certain time.

These butt fillers can give a perfect shape to your butts by enhancing the curves and accelerating the volume without any invasive or complex side effects. When you observe that only a few candidates now die as a result of normal treatment, this is an intriguing option.

Outcomes of the Method:

One of the best methods other than those of butt lifts or implants is that of non-invasive body sculpting. Fillers composed of hyaluronic acid are used to give a lift to the butt, give some volume, improve hair, fix hip dips, and enhance the quality of the skin and cellulite. It consumes a bit less than an hour and needs no cuts, spots, or local anesthesia.

What are the Pros of this therapy?

This method has gained a huge success in this era because of its wonderful and eye-opening benefits. Some of the common advantages of this process are given below:

  • The therapy is non-invasive and does not as any surgical methods, this making this process painless and comfortable for everyone.
  • The technique does not leave any marks like those that normally remain after invasive and surgical procedures.
  • The therapy is a bit surgical making it the preferred method for surgery.
  • The outcome will not remain forever, but it may remain for at least five years at least.
  • The overall method will consume only about sixty minutes.
  • The therapy is done under the action of general anesthesia.
  • You can easily go back to your regular routine work after only two weeks.

Who Should Get this Method?

The one who wants to get the process of Butt Fillers Treatment in Riyadh must have to expose some common signs that an ideal candidate has to show in order to claim himself a perfect patient. Some of these symptoms are given below:

  • The one who has age-related ptosis of teh dermis and subcutaneous fat.
  • The occurrence of skin folds in the lower-gluteal zone after a clear decrease in weight.
  • The individual who has lost flexibility of the skin after the period of pregnancy.
  • a n increase in subcutaneous adipose cells because of the predominance of fats and carbohydrates in the diet.
  • The person who wants to get rid of the unsymmetrical butts.

Disagreements to invasive buttock lift are blood disorders, diabetes mellitus, and some other uncompensated severe disorders. The method is not performed for severe swelling procedures and infectious disorders. This is done on candidates who are above eighteen years old.

Pre-Procedure Measures to Follow:

Before starting the process, you will be provided with a certain list of measures that you must have to obey as given by your physician. A few of them are given below:

  • Your physician will help you at your appointment by examining you.
  • It will be quite good not to expose yourself too much in the sunlight.
  • Try to consume a good amount of water.
  • Do not wear any makeup product before going for the procedure.

The Procedure of Teh Therapy:

The process is performed at a hospital, where a one-and-a-half day stay is customary (if there is a need, the candidate stays in the clinic for a long time). Under the influence of local anesthesia, a butt lift is surgically done. Some hours before the treatment, the candidate is provided premedication to get him ready. In accordance with the plan, the surgeon produces a cut in the dermis and smooth cells, eliminates any superfluous skin, and if there is a need for a portion of the subcutaneous fat, and then pulls up the soft cells and provides the butts with increased volume and definite shape.

A cosmetic suture remains on the butt after the completion of the process. Relying on its intricacy, the method may consume up to four hours. If teh suggestion of the surgeon is obeyed, the outcomes of this method will remain for a whole life.

Healing Time of the Therapy:

By following the butt filer method at Royal Clinic, you must know the following:

  • After the treatment, you can sit on your hips just after done with the process.
  • By following the process, you can get back to your daily routine work as the therapy does not need any long recovery period.
  • For the initial twenty-four hours, you should not perform any physical work.
  • No sauna, direct sunlight, or scheduled tanning bedtime for the initial two weeks.

For two weeks, you must provide your butts with a regular ten-minute massage. If you just gave a cellulite procedure, massage the area slightly for about ten to fifteen minutes a day for at least a week.

Charges of the Method:

The price of Butt Fillers Treatment in Riyadh ranges from AED 1499 to AED 2499. The charges of this method can be changed based on some factors such as the severity of the procedure and the total number of the sessions needed to get the required outcomes. The kind or brand of filers used and their volume also affects the charges.

Some Other Methods:

They are given below:

Thread Lift:

This is a very famous and influential process of non-invasive butt lift. This is performed in a very short time but guarantees a  permanent result. It is an outpatient method carried out under the influence of general anesthesia and lasts up to one hour. This has no disagreements and is taken as a fully safe method.


This technique is used to correct the shape of hips with the aid of injections of the adipose cell of the candidate. Gently but, your from one part will be moved to another where there is a need. This is used to provide volume to the butts. 

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